• Why Frame With Us?

    Custom framing represents a very personal relationship between you and your art. A picture framer’s job is to preserve, highlight and enhance your artwork with expert care and attention to detail.

    We believe that not all frames are created equal, and neither are framing stores. While many chain stores use inferior materials and impersonal staff, we make sure your frame is the best for both you and your artwork.

    We work to build a great relationship with our customers from the first moment you talk to us. We start by giving you over 41 years of exceptional advice on designing your framing project and follow that up with unmatched quality workmanship that will last generations.

    To us framing is more than just a job, it is our passion!

  • Our Commitment to You

    We are here to build a lasting relationship with you. We are passionate about the work we do and take the time to do it right the first time. We get to know you, our customer, so that we can consistently give you the best possible service and products. We have a warm friendly atmosphere that customers love coming to over and over again. The owner, Kurt Neumann, has built such a strong relationship with so many customers that he is constantly invited to their homes so he can see how beautiful the finished works looks hanging up.

    Our highly trained experts will offer advice and work with you to create the perfect combination for you and your art.

  • Quality Craftsmanship

    Framing can be a blind item, where it looks decent on the outside but is poorly done on the inside and on the finishing details. We think we are different than most stores because we are extremely detail oriented with the quality of the work we do and we take nothing for granted.

    By using archival materials, strong wood frames and decades of experience we make sure your images will look their best for generations to come. We don’t cut corners when it comes to your framing like many stores do by using poor quality framing materials, inexperienced help and inadequate equipment.
 We make sure we use the correct adhesives, boards, get all the dust out from under the glass, make sure the mats are cut perfect and clamp every single frame that we build so the glue cures properly. This is how we make your job last and look perfect every time!

    We also do all of our framing work in house to make sure that every aspect of the job is done “right” to our exacting quality standards.

  • How Do You Choose What Looks Good?

    The choice of how to frame your artwork is sometimes difficult. The right framing can make your artwork look spectacular, while a poor job can make you hate it.

    We have decades of framing experience and thousands of available frames, mats and glazing options. We have framed well over 100,000 pictures in every possible combination and have seen it all. So put our expertise to work for you and let us help you pick the perfect design. It will make a world of a difference!

  • Creative Magic

    We love to think outside the box by finding amazing ways to showcase your art and objects with the latest choices in frames, mats and framing options. We have also framed just about everything you can imagine from guitars and cowboy boots to Olympic gold medalists memorabilia. We have even made shadow box frames that have built in battery operated lights. We are always looking forward to a new challenge!

  • Museum Quality Framing

    Museum Quality Framing is often referred to as “Conservation Framing” which is the process of framing artwork to preserve the piece over time.

    We use archival materials designed to preserve and not deteriorate the artwork. This is important because boards and adhesives that are not archival, such as regular mat board, cardboard and masking tape, will discolor and damage the artwork. In addition to using acid-free products, we use ultraviolet-filtering glass to reduce the fading and aging of artwork. Unfortunately, not all frame stores or framers have the knowledge, or care about preserving your piece. Many use materials and adhesives that should never be used in framing that can stain and damage artwork.

    So when you frame with us you get a job that looks great on the inside and out!